Speaker Booster 3.0

Boost the sound of music and videos with a built-in player 

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    Android 3.0 / Android 4.1.2 / Android 4.1 / Android 4.1.1 / Android 3.1 / Android 2.3 / Android 4.2.2 / Android 4.3 / Android 3.3 / Android 3.2 / Android 4.2 / Android 4.0 / Android 4.2.1

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Speaker Booster 3.0
Speaker Booster 2017

Speaker Booster helps users manage the sound settings of their Android devices. A built-in volume boosting feature raises volumes beyond the device's normal maximum. Without a doubt, the app is designed for users that want total control of their device's audio. A clean design and simple user interface make the app worth giving a try. Results are mixed on the audio boosting feature for various devices. Still, the ability to manage a device's sound in a better manner than the stock controls is a welcome solution.

A Look At The Basics Of Speaker Booster

Upon launching Speaker Booster, users should immediately notice a clean user interface. A better designed app might be difficult to come by these days. It's a simple design that looks incredible and works smoothly in everyday usage. Nobody will experience any issues while using the app or find themselves confused about how to use the app. Then again, users that cannot stand the color orange may not like the app for its color scheme. That's not a real nitpick and shouldn't be an issue for the average person.

Speaker Booster provides users with three categories for sound control: System, Media, and Notifications. To most users, those categories will sound familiar because the Android operating system provides control over the same categories. The nice thing about this particular app is that all three categories are placed in a centralized location. Changing individual volumes couldn't be easier, and then the sound boost feature can be enabled with a quick tap on the volume sliders.

Speaking of sound boost, the ability to increase volume levels is the standout feature of Speaker Booster. Does the feature work as advertised, though? Results vary from device to device, and generally the app does function as intended. Volume levels can reach higher volumes than through the traditional Android operating system. The feature works for both the phone's speakers and through headphones. Still, not all devices can take advantage of this feature, and the amount of volume boost varies among devices as well.

When its core feature works as intended, Speaker Booster is an incredible app to utilize. However, it's less of a necessity if that feature doesn't work on a given device. Many users will appreciate the simple volume controls offered in the app. Others may prefer to rely on the stock Android volume settings solution. With that in mind, Speaker Booster can only be recommended for devices that utilize all of its features. Sticking with the stock volume controller is recommended for users that can't use the speaker boost.


  • Provides higher volume levels than the default sound controller
  • Simple, clean user interface that's easy to understand and utilize
  • App doesn't ask for too many intrusive permissions during use


  • Speaker boost feature doesn't always work as intended
  • Results are mixed on devices where speaker boost does work properly
  • Regular Android volume controller works as well as Speaker Booster

Speaker Booster is an app designed to increase the volume of your phone or another Android device to hear better and more clearly.

Have you ever found yourself struggling to hear a phone call because of distracting background noises or because your phone's speaker isn't very powerful? You may have similar problems when it comes to hearing new text messages coming in or when your phone notifies you of a new email. Speaker Booster is a basic app that does just one thing: increase the volume of your device, but it does that one thing extremely well.

Though your phone should have a volume setting, this setting generally ranges between one and ten. If you're like many people, you may think that there isn't much of a difference between the minimum and maximum volume levels. Speaker Booster uses a scale of between one and seven, but you'll find that it really does amp up the sound on your device. Some may find that the quality lessens when turned to the maximum level, but you can experiment and find the level that is best for you.

This app has a maximum volume level of 15 for media apps. If you want to play a game and need to hear the instructions clearly, you can turn up the volume. Anytime that you need to turn the volume back down, you can open the app and adjust the sound level. You also have the option of using the volume settings and controls on your device.

Some don't like that Speaker Booster will not work with individual programs and apps. If you have a game that you want to increase the volume on, you cannot choose just that game. You'll need to choose from a larger group. Those large groups include media, system and notifications. The system group will adjust the volume on all features of your phone, while the notifications group will only increase the sound on the notifications that your phone issues to you.

Speaker Booster will access your device's setting and recommend what it thinks you need to change. Its main menu includes an option to rate the app and a share the word feature. This lets you tell others about the app and recommend it to your friends. If your phone or tablet does not have a high volume option, you can use Speaker Booster to increase its volume and sound.


  • Works with most mobile devices like phones and tablets
  • Lets you change the volume on certain features of your device
  • Features a simple volume scale that uses numbers between one and seven
  • Will automatically check your current settings and give you info about those settings
  • Is easy to install and use


  • Doesn't have many basic or advanced settings
  • Cannot use the app to adjust the volume of specific programs
  • May not deliver the clear audio that you want

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